Why Do Voice Actors Get Recast?

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SOME CORRECTIONS: It feels like we gave the Evangelion redub a less-than-fair representation. We didn’t want to bloat the video any more than it already is by adding in more audio examples but it should go without saying that many of the early flaws we showed about the ADV dub were fixed in the new dub. There’s a missing line at 16:32. It should’ve been “these newer voices are at least somewhat reminiscent of the old ones but with much stronger direction.” Some people in the comments seem to think we’re criticising the Remake’s recasting but on the contrary we think the new performances are definitely better, but not sure if that’s down to the new actors being better, or the superior voice direction of the Remake. However it’s evident that this point didn’t come through because I forgot to add that line in in the editing process so we apologise for that.

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