Top Gear Series 14 Episode 5 (Art Gallery Challenge) (Part 3)

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The presenters see if they can prove that galleries can get more numbers if they used car-themed artwork, by taking over the MIMA gallery in Middlesbrough with nothing but artwork that features a car theme to it. While the trio each create their own artwork - Hammond creates a The Hay Wain-styled painting featuring a Pagani Zonda (that falls into a lake); Clarkson creates art with an F1 car and help from David Coulthard (and gets hit in the "plums" while doing so); May makes a sculpture from car parts (that he accidentally sets on fire). They also pick out car-themed pieces that they like while also making their own BMW "art car". Things are not so smooth at the gallery before their exhibits open to the public, as Hammond's PR work strays from its main subject, Clarkson messes up the art car, and May makes a boring and distracted recording for their audio tour, before the trio struggle to keep the visitors moving to achieve their target of 30,000 visitors in one week. Elsewhere, Clarkson reviews the very fast Noble M600 on the track, and Jenson Button returns for another go in the Liana to see if he can beat his previous time. I DO NOT OWN THE CONTENT USED IN THIS VIDEO.
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