«Тим, хто врятував світ Приховані сторінки»

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Сегодня, в день премьеры, я хочу представить вторую часть нашего фильма о пожарных Чернобыля. В фильме рассказывается о событиях ночи 23 мая 1986 года, когда на Чернобыльской АЭС возникло загорание кабелей в транспортном коридоре между 3-м и 4-м энергоблоками. Рассказывают участники и очевидцы тех событий.

Exclusive film dedicated to the 35th anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster.
"Those who saved the world. Unknown pages"
Heroes-firefighters of Kyiv region - direct participants of the April and May firefighting at the Chornobyl NPP, made a unique documentary film in memory of those who laid down their lives for their friends and for the whole world…

FOR THE FIRST TIME, 35 years later, in May 2021, with the help of the Main Department of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine in Kyiv region, with the participation of the 11th State Fire and Rescue Detachment of Chornobyl and the State Specialized Enterprise "Chornobyl Nuclear Power Plant", they reconstructed in detail the events of the second fire that occurred on the night of May 23, 1986 at 2:15 in the cable routes of the 4th Chernobyl Unit. For many years, by order of the top leadership of the USSR, the information about this fire and its elimination was classified.

FOR THE FIRST TIME, you will not only hear firsthand, but also see with your own eyes, the little-known story of saving their comrade, when the firefighter of the Kharkiv Battalion of the paramilitary fire Oleksiy Grechko fell to the mark of +9,2 meters of the 3rd power unit from the mark of + meters in the destroyed room of the main circulating pumps of the 4th power unit, at radiation levels up to 200 R / h, and he received open leg fractures…

Some footage of the film and the documentary photographs of that timeis are taken from the personal archives of the participants of those events and published for the first time.
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