The Return to TSFMG! The Quest for the Mushroom | Freud's Psychomatic Clinic (Part 8)

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In this video I return to Freud's Psychomatic Clinic, which is a place you go to to get cured for whatever illness you have. So the game has had a new update where you can complete a mini quest if you talk to the new librarian Alyssa! Also please note that this is all roleplay so none of this is real (obviously lol) so if you play the game just play it normally and don't cause trouble like I did, teehee.

Play here:

Also soon I'm hoping to make another video explaining the lore behind the game and characters too, and also they do have a new game coming out sometime soon!

Link to their Roblox group:

Watch my TSFMG playlist here:

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All music by Kevin McLeod
Sound effects from YouTube library
Voices used from Text to speech mp3 and voice maker

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