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Skin Clinic

How can I help?

예약했어요. 지아요.
I have an appointment under the name of Gia.
*Usually you visit the clinic after making an appointment in advance. You could walk in, but you will have to wait for a long time.

네, 상담실로 가실께요
Okay, please follow me.

어떤 시술 하시겠어요?
Which treatment do you want for your skin?

얼굴 슬림해지고 싶어서요
I want my face to be slimmer.
* 갸름한 얼굴 갖고 싶어서요 also literally means "I want a thinner face."

턱 보톡스랑 턱끝에는 필러하시고 얼굴전체에 리프팅 레이저 하실게요.
I suggest jaw botox, chin filler, and laser facelift.

클렌징 하실게요.
Let me cleanse your face.

레이저 시술 들어갑니다
We’ll start the laser.

보톡스랑 필러 맞으실게요.
Now it’s botox and filler

팩 올려드릴게요
Let me apply a face mask for you.

다 되셨습니다.
Okay, you’re all set.
* They will also say "수고하셨습니다. "

Thank you.
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