Silent Hill 3 | Part 10: Mental Clinic

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Silent Hill 3

Mental Clinic
Heather descends to the 2nd Floor where she roams the halls looking for clues on how to get out. Eventually, she comes into contact with an unusual bathtub that, for some odd reason, she decides to interact with. Unfortunately for her, it causes a shift between reality and the twisted, bloody Otherworld, to which she has now found herself.

Continuing on, she encounters a hideous monster before discovering the Green Ridge Mental Health Clinic. Inside, she encounters a strange man named Vincent who claims to be her friend and "on her side". Vincent seems easily excitable and agitated when Heather suggests he is in league with Claudia and snaps back that Claudia was brainwashed by Heather's mother, whom Vincent apparently knows. He also claims to know Heather's past and her father,

It is unknown why Vincent is even in the Mental Clinic in the first place. He has certainly been tracking Heather, but it seems too much of a coincidence for Heather to randomly encounter Vincent in an unrelated building like this.

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