Ritual and Echoes of the Atlas Impressions Podcast - Inspired Learning Ep 15 [Mostly Spoiler Free]

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So much new Path of Exile Endgame and League content to discuss and talk about. Badger and Yoji catch up on the builds they've been playing as league starters in trade and solo-selffound, talk about the new endgame boss fight encounters from Maven Invitations, Uber Bosses, the Maven herself and the feel of the Atlas Progression system as of Harvest integration once again becomes a bigger topic as does Ritual league. The simplicity of the league mechanic versus some of the highest hights and the lowest lows of the Defer system. I hope you are as excited as we were to dive into this discussion!

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0:00 Intro and our League Starts
16:45 Ritual League
28:20 Echoes and Ritual in Combination
38:32 Performance Issues
43:09 Mave Fight and Invitations (Almost Sooiler free)
56:45 New Maps
1:06:25 Harvest Core Implementation
1:19:10 Our Plans, Heists and other stuff
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