Repair of Bad Hair Transplant Done at Regrow Clinic

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Bad hair transplant can take a toll over social life and emotional well-being of a patient. Scared of being asked that have you done something to your hair?
This patient took basic FUE hair transplant done by forceps method.

Errors we found in this hair transplant done at some other clinic:
1. Double and triple hair grafts were used over temples and hairline area.
2. Hairline was made juvenile and temples were done with thick and fast growing hairs.
3. Macro irregularities were made but Micro irregularities in hairline were not made. Macro irregularities were too made with multi hair grafts.
4. Fronto - temporal angles were obtuse, Ideally in male pattern fronto- temporal points or the edges of hairline are made acute. On growth of hairline hair it looks natural and fronto-temporal angles are not much visible.
5. Donor area harvesting was done with large diameter punch and unsafe zone was also harvested.
6. Density over hairline was too higher as compared to Mid Scalp which shows line of demarcation between hairline and mid scalp hair leaving un-natural look.
7. Pluggy hair appearance is there which is common in FUE Hair Transplant technique where forceps are used to insert grafts into the slits leaving scars over recipient area.
DHI and other high end techniques of hair transplant leave smooth and even surface of skin.

What we did?
1. We designed a hairline above previously made hairline keeping in mind facial shape, age, future donor area availability, genetic history of patient, availability of single hair follicles in donor area.
2. Creating acute angles in fronto temporal points.
3. Removed grafts were placed in mid scalp where low density was given in previous hair transplant.
4. Filling bald patches by harvesting around 980 hair grafts.

We at Regrow Clinic Haridwar have repaired around 200 cases bringing back the lost confidence and pleasure to comb your hair again.

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