Police release men detained by immigration amid huge protest

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Police have released the men who were detained after a Home Office raid in Glasgow which sparked protests.

Large crowds gathered on Kenmure Street in Pollokshields on Thursday morning after UK Border Agency officials moved on a property.

Hundreds of protesters blockaded an enforcement van and chanted, “these are our neighbours, let them go”, as police were called to the scene.

In a statement, Police Scotland appealed to members of the public to disperse so that the men can be released.

The statement read: “In order to protect the safety, public health and well-being of all people involved in the detention and subsequent protest in Kenmure Street, Pollokshields, today, Chief Superintendent Mark Sutherland, has, following a suitable risk assessment, taken the operational decision to release the men detained by UK Immigration Enforcement back into their community meantime.

“In order to facilitate this quickly and effectively, Police Scotland is asking members of the public to disperse from the street as soon as possible.

“Please take care when leaving the area and follow the directions of the officers on the street.”
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