Livestream Snake Friesia :Grand Theft Auto Online Top Gear Idiots at it again

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Top Gear Idiots are going to celebrate The Gaming Jews 500 subs
and propably make fools of themselves

My discord is over here :

and here are some youtubers i like :

WiskyG :

Fat Chinese Gaming :

Adidas Gamer :

GeauxBurns :

It'z Cane :

MrTaeDaniel :

Riley Blackfox :

It'sAGundam :

SidAlpha :

Game Sack (retro games) :

MetalJesusRocks (retro games) :

The Elite Panda Squad :

Game boy jovdh :

Sonny Evans :

Weiss Gaming :

Larry Bundy Jr (retro games) :

Dan Bull (game raps) :

Guy Daniels (making videos on life with cerebral palsy ) :

Baby PineApple :

The Gaming Jew (crazy wacky races and stuff ) :

8-Bit Show and Tell (retro games and hardware) :

Shadiverstity (All things Medievil and Swordsmanship) :

RetroGamerNation (retro games and hardware) :

The 8-Bit Guy (all things retro) :

Breadbox Commodore Computer Museum :

Fastwing :

Molecular MageXD :

Ajae Bean (Battle Royale games ) :

Phoenix Gam3r :

Heartless Toaster :

A Group Of Monkeys :

Tha Real antidote :

Gothic Sushi :

well. that is all, hope you enjoy the stream.

Stay tuned, stay unlike me :-)
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