????LIVE Q & A Session ????Dr Prashant Yadav @Dezire Clinic. 3rd Sept 2020

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Dr. Prashant Yadav
, (Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery)
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Why choose Dezire Clinic For Your Treatment ?
Dezire Clinic is a top searched clinic in India when comes to “Cosmetic, Laser and Hair transplantation”. Why to us? Because we are patient orientated and doing our best to provide desired results to Client. We perpetrate to give the best treatments and services to our patients. A team of Dezire Clinic make sure that patients get the 'homely atmosphere'. We not just care for our patients well, but also pay full awareness to their caretaker.

In this live question and answer session Dr. Prashant Yadav (, ) has answered all the
questions which were asked during the live session such as rhinoplasty, penis enlargement, biopsy of gland, covid and surgery. Cc of fat removed during buccal fat removal,, freckle and lip lightening,
puffy nipples, seroma formation after Gynecomastia surgery, EMI facility for surgery, liposuction
surgery, pain during gyno surgery, blood test before surgery, differentiate between local and general
anesthesia, liposuction, burn scar, steroid cream side effect, exercise and sensation after
Gynecomastia, lipoma, difference between VASER and normal liposuction, time taken to recover
from chest surgery, causes of multiple lipoma, blood test before surgery, work resume after gyno,
side effects of gyno, recurrence of gyno, liposuction in 15 year old kid.
He has also explained about liposuction cannula which is used in liposuction for removing the
subcutaneous fat. He has also announced a SPECIAL DISCOUNT ON PRP AND GFC Treatment. He told everyone to give their feedback, follow his Instagram page.

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