Let's Build Machine Learning...in RUST? LIVE

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Rust is a programming language that has been voted as the 'most loved programming language' in the Stack Overflow Developer survey every year since 2016. So what's the big deal about Rust? Well, it's quite a performant language because of how it uniquely and cleverly deals with memory management + type safety. Rust is being used in critical production applications where those features matter a lot, and more developers are beginning to take notice. In this episode of my weekly gameshow, we're going to build a tiny Rust library that does some basic data pre-processing and build a regression model as well. We'll then benchmark our code vs Python and see if we can see any performance gains. I'll need your help as I code to interactively answer a few math and multiple choice questions. One Data Wizard gets $500 cash and a dedicated freestyle rap at the end. Start studying Rust and let the games begin!

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Answer live questions here:

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This week's prize money was sponsored by Zilliqa:
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