Kroger Health launches COVID-19 testing at all in-store Little Clinic locations

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CINCINNATI (WKRC) – You can now get a COVID-19 test anywhere in the country thanks to a new program launched Thursday by Kroger Health’s Little Clinics.

Kroger has just announced they will offer COVID-19 testing at all in-store Little Clinic locations. Testing will be offered by appointment across nine states, further expanding capacity and accessibility.

This is an expansion of testing offered already through the employer-based program, which uses a home-based test for anyone through all 220 clinic locations. This test instead allows you to make an appointment online. You will get a video call back from a clinician to confirm you are appropriate for the test. You then schedule an appointment online and answer some questions. You then go to the clinic parking lot and wait in your car.

A clinician will meet you at your car where you take the swab and place it in the nose. Kroger said this will allow them to have the capacity from all locations to help test up to 5,000 patients a day.

Kroger Health currently has clinics in Ohio, Kansas, Kentucky, Tennessee, Arizona, Georgia, Indiana, Virginia and Colorado.

“There’s a couple different scenarios that we can do with the COVID testing,” said Meggen Brown, the national health and wellness director at Kroger Health. “If somebody is ill or symptomatic or has had exposure and also with the new regulations around for pre-surgery for school, there’s a lot of states and countries that won’t let you travel without a negative test in 72 hours, so we’re also offering the testing for that as well.”

The team said this is a more permanent solution compared to previous drive-thru clinics. It’s all in preparation for flu season, something important so we can separate new COVID cases from flu, even though they have similar symptoms.

“Most of the results are coming back within 24 to 28 hours, depending on if you live outside the city. It could take up to 72 hours, but we’re processing them in about 48 hours.”

If you don’t live near a Kroger Health Clinic, you can still get a prescription to get a COVID test anywhere in the county through this program at a clinic near you. It’s covered by your medical insurance, or you can pay for testing and lab processing out of pocket if you prefer. It’s about $200 total.
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