Josh Radnor - LEARNING

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This is a song I co-wrote with my Nashville buddy Kyle Cox (check out his stuff, he's awesome) Chords are super easy. Only play 3 strings - D, G, B - the whole song. Play them open, then Am7, then slide everything up two frets but keep the Am7 shape then back down to Am7 then open again. Repeat that the whole song. Dead simple.

Don’t be lonely
My mother told me
Choosing lonely is the worst thing you can do
Find a sweetheart
Start a family
When the lights go out have someone next to you

I found a lover
Who became a mother
A little house a tire swing a maple tree
Hold my baby
Touch my lady
But late at night its just loneliness and me

And I’m learning to be lonely
I am learning it’s okay
To be lonely

Don’t be scared son
My father’s warning
You’ll never make it in this world if you’re afraid
Be a man, kid
Quit you’re cryin
I loved my dad I needed him so I obeyed

Got a good job
Make six figures
Can’t shake the feeling that it all one day could end
I never show it
In the daylight
The fear comes crashing in each night at 3:00

And I’m learning to be scared
I am learning it’s okay
To be scared

All my old friends
Were so happy
I followed them from town to town and place to place
I had a sadness
I couldn’t show them
I wore a mask so long that it became my face

Now its different
The glaciers melting
The man can handle things the boy could never bear
It gets dark now
An hour early
Light my way home, Lord, that’s my only prayer

And I’m learning to be sad
I am learning it’s okay
To be sad
To be sad to be scared to be lonely
To be sad to be scared to be lonely and afraid
To be a human being
Who feels everything
I am learning
I'm still learning
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