Improve Gut Health to get Healthy & Glowing Skin with no Acne/Pimples. Plix SuperGreens Review

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This video is all about how we can improve our gut health so it can lead to a healthy & glowing skin with no pimples/acne. If you take 1 scoop of supergreen, it can really help. Kindly watch the full video.
Supergreens is a unique blend of proteins, antioxidants, probiotics, nutrients and multivitamins all in one scoop. This highly concentrated nutrient profile blend nourishes your system and also boosts immunity. These superfoods in this supergreen will improve your diet with multivitamins from Carrot, Ashwagandha, Kokum, Cardamom. These nutrient rich foods are easy to digest and absorb well into your system, supplementing your overall health. It's fibre rich ingredients like Oats, Apples, Gum Acacia and the probiotic blend aids in better digestion and gut health. The cucumber, fennel seeds and ashwagandha also helps in cleansing and hydrating the body to maintain a smooth digestion process.
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