I am SAM, growing & learning | Skye's the limit

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Welcome to Skye's the limit and welcome to our ausome world. Let me tour your around my little girl's autism journey. She is moving far from being having a world on her own into more extrovert sometimes introvert world. She is growing to be like any regular kid in town. Skye's progress little by little amazes us in the family. Sometimes we never taught her how to do it but she is just observing how other people or other members of the family is doing it and she is able to get it or how to do it right. There are still times that no matter how we taught her especially with speech but she never get it or hasn't get it right yet. Solid support group is really the key that we have for Skye's progress top with us, parent's undying support of what has been taught by the therapists and intervention centers plus the regular school we know.
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