Health Minister explains latest Covid 19 cases

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It has been revealed that New Zealand's first Covid-19 infection was actually a week earlier than previously thought.

The Ministry of Health originally recorded our first case of the virus as a returned traveller from Iran back on February 28 but today it revealed the virus was actually in the community a week earlier on February 21.

The new index case has come about after a Waikato family was visited by a family member from Italy.

The visitor was sick and five members of the household became ill shortly after but none were tested because Italy wasn't a country of concern at the time.

The case has only come to light after a male member of the household recently had a sore throat, got a Covid-19 test and produced a weak-positive result indicating an old infection.

That means six old cases were added to New Zealand's Covid-19 tally along with three new community cases from today.

Those cases are all linked to a man who had left managed isolation in Christchurch after a flight from India via Fiji on August 26.

That man flew home to Auckland from Christchurch on September 11 and tested positive five days later despite two previous negative tests on day three and day twelve.

Health Minister Chris Hipkins talks to Lisa Owen.
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