Gujju Clinic - Deleted Scenes

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This video consist of Deleted Scenes from Gujju Clinic Sketch and is purely for entertainment purpose. We respect and salute all the frontline warriors working hard day and night fighting against Corona.
Watch the video and share it with all!

Directed by: Chirayu Mistry
Assitant Director: Elvis Almeida
Shot by: Pratik Parmar
Written By: Siddharth Jani and Hem Bhatia
Additional Inputs: The Comedy Factory Team.

Edited and Packaged By: Pratik Parmar

Production Team: Hem Bhatia and Utsav Bhrambhatt

Doctors equipment provided by: Vitas Hopital( Vadodara)

Created by: The Comedy Factory
Produced by: Vidya Desai

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