Frazer Robertson on learning, coaching and stepping out of your Comfort Zone

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Frazer Robertson:

Today I speak with Technical Director of Right to Dream Frazer Robertson At 16 he volunteered to help a local team and from there worked hard to become a coach. Although he never saw himself pursuing coaching professional Frazer was presented with the opportunity to Coach in Ghana for the Right to Dream Academy. In the episode Frazer shares with us a few of the culture shocks he experienced both in football and everyday life along with a few principles he learned that are now applied to his coaching.

[00:06] Introduction to Frazer Robertson
[01:02] Getting into football
[03:44] Did you see coaching as a career
[05:30] Putting in hours to learn your trade
[07:36] Journey to Right to Dream Academy
[09:50] The academy and how it is set up
[11:27] Different approaches to the game
[13:44] Relationship with FC Nordsjælland
[18:40] Learning in Ghana and applying that to coaching
[23:22] Keeping enthusiasm for coaching
[24:20] Advice for coaches transitioning into different cultures
[29:38] Outro

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