Deanna Caesar's Boxes and a Large Box of Medicines for Mobile Clinic

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Inviolata will run and finally come back, and then she will receive her blessings. We cannot help with the fine, unfortunately, she has to face the consequences. We wish her the very best, and when she's back, we shall deliver the boxes from Deanna. I feel bad for the young children she's on the run with. They're suffering because of the mistake of their mother. So sad!
I want to give special thanks to our donors for supporting our ongoing mobile clinics. These boxes full of medicines are bought through donations from these angels who are bringing relief from pain and healing to hundreds in cut off villages who would otherwise continue in pain. VIRGINIA SPICER, LISA JENNE, MARY LINDA HAUGHTON, MYRNA DOSS, JENNIFER SALAS, ESTHER WILLIAMS. I know others are coming on board. THANK YOU GUYS! Those people are being touched and testimonies are pouring in, MOVING TESTIMONIES! I hear heaven's applause. My heart melts with worship and adoration. Can't even describe the feeling. I am so honored and humbled to be part of this.

For those who want to donate, please log into your PayPal account (do not use any donation pages) and from your PayPal account, send your donation to donate@ or jimnduruchi@ You will get a notification that your money has been sent to RISE UP SOCIETY and I will email you back an acknowledgment. God has blessed us with a great opportunity to bless His hurting children. It is such a great honor!
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