Cross-Silo Horizontal Federated Learning | Traffic Classification

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Cross-Silo Horizontal Federated Learning for Flow-based Time-related-Features Oriented Traffic Classification

Abstract: Traffic classification (TC) has a principal function in autonomous network management. Recently, deep learning and machine learning-based TC have become popular than the traditional port-based and protocol-based TC due to practices such as port disguise and payload encryption. The flow-based TC is reliable as it relies on time-related statistical features. Federated learning is a distributed machine learning technique to train improvised deep/machine learning models with less privacy distress. The organizations or enterprises having similar business models may take participation in building a federated model for their network traffic characterization. In this study, we build a cross-silo horizontal federated model for TC using flow-based time-related features. The federated model shows comparable performance to the centralized model.
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