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Hey guys!
Here is the result of the video from last week:
You suggested a total of 117 Openings, 116 Endings, 115 Characters, 99 Places and 105 OSTs!
Those are some incredible numbers, I did not expect that much interaction, but I got positively surprised!
As I wanted to fit in as many of your suggestions as possible, I expanded every category to accommodate more of them. All in all it is about 34 minutes long now.
There are 300 Points to reach this time!
This quiz will be a bit harder to solve than the regular MEGA ANIME QUIZ series!
10 Openings (Doable) - 1 Point each
10 Openings (Tough) - 3 Points each
10 Openings (Ambitious) - 5 Points each
15 Endings - 3 Points each
10 Major Characters - 1+1 Points each (Character and Anime)
10 Minor Characters - 3+1 Points each (Character and Anime)
10 Places - 2 Points each
10 OSTs - 4 Points each
10 1 Second Openings - 2 Points each
5 Second Openings - 5 Points each

I would also love to get some feedback on my videos, so be sure to comment your thoughts on my videos or share some ideas for new videos!

My MAL (MyAnimeList) Profile:

Artworks used:


Background OST: (Fate/stay night: Heaven's Feel - I. Presage Flower OST)

If you have read this far, I want to tell you a short
I want to say it means a lot, that many of you actually look forward to see my quizzes and it makes me feel better, no matter the situation I am in.
Thanks for being here.
It is fun for me to create quizzes from time to time and I do not plan on stopping.
I also want to continue the interaction between us by making more community quizzes in the future, maybe not even necessarily connected to the Mega Anime Quiz series. I hope you keep enjoying my videos.
Let us see where the future will lead us.
Have a nice evening!
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