Cleveland Clinic dealing with 300+ COVID-19 cases among staff

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On Monday afternoon, state doctors spoke to the public about what they called an "unprecedented spike" of coronavirus cases in Ohio, and how it has been stressing hospital staffs.

During the press conference, Dr. Robert Willey from the Cleveland Clinic-- among other top medical professionals in the state-- mentioned how the spike has led to an increase of hospital staffers testing positive for COVID-19 and that the Clinic alone was facing "over 300" cases of the virus among staff members.
Dr. Willey stressed that in "Zone 1" of Ohio — which comprises the northern portion of Ohio — hospitals have adequate availability of hospital beds, as well as supplies like personal protective equipment, ventilators and drugs.

"It's not because they're catching it in the hospital, it's because they're catching it in the community," Wyllie said. "So we need everyone to double down. Please wear a mask and social distance to protect Ohio's caregivers."

All the doctors who spoke Monday all reiterated that if the ongoing spike in state coronavirus cases continues, it could negatively impact non-coronavirus-related treatment in hospitals.

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