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Nissan Leaf
“But the real joy of the Leaf isn’t the money, it’s the motor, and its charming grace. For the way most people drive (if not, literally, for petrolheads), it’s simply a better source of motion.”

Tesla Model X
“Tesla invents new doors, adds extra seats. Charges the earth. It’s lifestyle, not value for money.”

Hyundai Ioniq Electric
“The car drives its front wheels with a 118bhp, 194lb ft electric motor that draws juice from a 28kWh lithium-ion polymer battery tucked under the rear seats. In Eco and Normal mode, this means 0-62mph in seconds. Maximum claimed range is 174 miles – competitive with the revised Nissan Leaf and BMW i3.”

Renault Zoe
“Mature styling, ample space and that all important battery range set it apart as a practical city EV, and all for £5,000 less than the market leader. It’s not for everyone – power can be a little bit reserved, something you’ll notice more if your range-anxiety is under control and you’re brave enough to tackle motorway stints – but for more regular urban use this is more than good enough as an entry to the EV world.”

BMW i3
“The i3 remains the best premium small EV out there. Hard to argue against. Just be prepared to pay proper money.”

Audi e-tron
“This is an electric car that doesn’t seek to blur boundaries or act radical, but simply persuade regular SUV buyers to make the jump. Audi refers to this as ‘concept clarity’.”

Hyundai Kona Electric
“A proper tipping point BEV: genuine 300-mile (ish) range in a small SUV for under £30k. Consider it.”

Tesla Model S
“There’s no denying the Model S is a mightily impressive achievement - and from a company whose only previous credit was a Lotus Elise-based roadster. A usable amount of range, decent handling and plenty of tech-y appeal, the Model S has made the mainstream manufacturers sit up and take notice.”

Jaguar I-Pace
“Jaguar steps bravely into the unknown and nails it. A rapid, desirable, good-looking SUV that happens to be powered by electricity”

Tesla Model 3
“Everything Tesla has done up to this point has been building towards the Model 3 – a genuinely affordable mass-market EV – but it’s all for nothing if the product itself doesn’t stand up. So the question is, after spending a day in its company, do I want one? Does it have the desirability to drag not just early adopters and tree-hugging environmentalists out of their petrol and diesel fueled cars, but the wider public too? The answer is a surprisingly emphatic yes, and that’s because beyond the hype is a truly well-engineered car.”
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