Beginners Clinic Walk Through!

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Hello everyone! Today I am bringing you a very short video that will give you a quick walk-through of the layout of our brand new Online Beginners Clinic!

If you didn't already know, this clinic has just launched and we've gotten GREAT feedback so far. We wanted a way to work with pitchers all over the world, grow the game of softball and teach the best mechanics possible and this is it!

In this clinic you will get:
- step by step instruction on the key terms and concepts that are crucial to remember when pitching
- an expertly developed sequence of drills to help your pitcher develop the mechanics
- troubleshooting sections after each drill and pitch to help you pick out mechanical issues
- Fastball instruction

If you are a new pitcher, a young pitcher, an older or more advanced pitcher looking to switch to the optimal mechanics from an older style, a coach looking to teach what we teach, or a parent looking to start training your pitcher, this is for you!!

Check out this video to get a little walk through of our clinic and if you're interested, find the clinic here:

Happy pitching everyone!
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