[ASMR] Tingle Clinic | Measuring Your Tingles | Soft Spoken Roleplay

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[ASMR] Tingle Clinic | Measuring Your Tingles | Soft Spoken Roleplay

Hello! Welcome back to the tingle clinic :) This video is a random idea I had which I thought would be fun and bring together lots of different tingles. Hope you like it!

ps. I'm sorry I accidentally recorded a couple of videos in 720p instead of 1080p, I don't know what happened I accidentally messed with my camera settings somehow without realising ???? I think it's this one and two ???? It will be back to normal after that!

I’m going to start promoting other channels in the description box more often, with my favourite video at the time. Tonight’s shout out goes to Red ASMR for this super tingly mic brushing video with layered hand sounds that I’ll be listening to non stop for hours ????

Twitter: @periwinkle_asmr
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Big thank you to my lovely Patrons! Sleep Frequency, Frederic, Gary, Andy H, Andy W, Cinnamon Chocolate, the Listener, Theo, Scott, Steph, Lee, Owen, Colin, Rob ????

ASMR stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, which is tingly relaxed feeling that many people find helps them to fall asleep.
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