ALS Reversals - The 48 documented cases with Dr Richard Bedlack

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Neurologist, Dr. Richard Bedlack, MD PhD runs the ALS Clinic at Duke Medical School. He is a pioneer in the ALS Community, leading the research into why some people have been able to reverse their ALS. As of July 29, 2020, he has confirmed 48 reversals. In this presentation, he discussed that research as well as new studies he's conducting into Gut Health, Clenbuterol and Methycobalamin.


Outline of ALS Reversals (2:35)
Dr. Bedlack’s 1st experience with ALS (3:36)
Standards for Measuring Reversals
ALSFRS-R Scores & Trach-free Survival (4:45)
Variability of Progression among Patients in PRO-ACT database (7:21)
Lou Gehrig’s Progression & Plateau (11:01)
1st ALS Reversal - Nelda Buss (13:35)
Why ALS reversal are worth studying
Animal models (16:38)
Elite Controllers like in HIV (18:24)
How does a Person Qualify as an ALS Reversal
What Defines an ALS Reversals (20:24)
Collecting ALS Reversals (22:10)
Hypotheses re ALS Reversals (22:42)
Why the Reversals are not ALS Mimics – fALS, Diagnostics & Reinnervation (22:35)
StAR –Studies of ALS Reversals (26:17)
Demographics & Treatments used by Reversals (27:27)
StAR Genetic Studies looking for Elite Controller Gene (28:56)
Environmental Exposures (30:17)
Neuroimaging (31:21)
Histology of Brain & Spinal Cords (32:38)
StAR Microbiome Study (33:47)
Other possible StAR Studies (36:30)
Could ALS Reversals be due to the Treatments People Took? (38:20)
– Replication of ALS Reversals (40:12)
Lunasin Supplement did not impact Reversals (43:15)
Curcumin – 6 of 48 reversals associated with Curcumin (45:50)

1. Which protocol resulted in the most reversals? (53:10)
2. What dosage & brand are you using for the Curcumin Study? (53:45)
3. Of the 10% of Reversals that have fALS, what are the genetic mutations they have? (55:29)
4. in the Reversals, are they any supplements that will help with Reinnervation & was there a correlation with the reinnervation & the improvement in ALSFRS-R score? (56:31)
5. Why are there more reversals in men than women and were any of your reversals in the military? (58:45)
6. Were there any reversals using prescription drugs besides Radicava or Riluzole? (1:00:10)
7. Why do women have more Bulbar onset than Limb onset? (1:01:25)
8. Omega 3s? What are the differences in Fish Oil vs Krill Oil? Any association between Omega3s and ALSFRS-R scores? (1:01:47)
9. Are there any supplements or drugs effective in helping with bulbar symptoms? (1:04:35)
10. How does an Nrf2 activator work and Tecfidera is a pharmaceutical Nrf2 activator used in MS. What do you think of it for ALS? (1:07:00)
11. Has research been done on the efficacy of cannabis products that will help people with ALS? (1:10:05)
12. As to Glutathione, is there one method of delivery that you would recommend & what do those clinical trials show? (1:15:00)
13. In reversal #44, what part of his protocol do you believe has a viable clinical mechanism? (16:47)
14. What do you think about Vitamin C? (1:18:36)
15. Can you explain how NAD works and discuss the NAD precursor EH301 that was in the clincial trial? (1:19:35)
16. You mentioned the microbiome. Do you mention pALS take pre- and probiotics? How can pALS test their microbiome to know what probiotics they need to take? (1:22:50)
17. Can you talk about the older Sodium Chlorite studies and if there’s been follow-up with any of those patients who participated in the trials? (1:24:50)
18. Can you outline your reasons for supporting EXPANDED ACCESS and why you don’t have concerns about safety for pALS? (1:27:55)
19. How do you think Clenbuterol may be beneficial for pALS? (1:34:50)
20. Does exercise play a role in ALS reversals and do you recommend your patients do exercise? (1:37:23)
21. How do you differentiate a reversal vs a stabilization or plateau? (1:41:11)
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