290 Browning Movie mode PC Engine CD, HD 60fps

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Runplays are like movies, they're intended to show you all levels, dialogs and music, they don't show my skill. I play games every day online. To not miss streams, open and dont close the stream link below and turn your speakers on

- Usually much shorter than an ordinary longplay. I skip only boring side quests,
which don't affect the story. I don' t collect every thingamabob, don't search every crook and nanny and don't speak with every person in a village.
- In speedruns they skip levels, dialogs, cutscenes. And a longplay's usually too long. My runplays are faster than longplays, but with all levels, important dialogs, music and cutscenes, apart from the above
- Cheats used for faster gameplay
- High quality video and audio, don't forget to use 720p60 mode for better picture
- If available, I play on Hard difficulty for best ending
- I stream online every day, I could answer you in the chat in English, French or Italian, but only during cutscenes

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