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This wood slab kitchen island was one of my biggest woodworking projects to date. It was also my first kitchen island/woo countertop project! Made from a single piece of locally salvaged Black Walnut and the voids filled with jet black epoxy resin. This slab started out at nine feet long and over five feet wide. Rough cut by me and the final shape was precision cut by a CNC. I even decided to deliver this one personally and help with the installation. Let me know if you have any questions about the build!

0:00 Intro
0:45 Unloading Problems
2:28 Mixing and Pouring Epoxy
3:46 Table Top Epoxy For The Top
5:13 Rough Cutting To Size With Tracksaw
5:45 How I Flatten My Tables
6:29 CNC Cutting Slab To Shape
7:53 Medium Bad Idea
8:34 Inlaying C-Channel
11:00 Client
12:07 Touching Up Pits With Epoxy
14:45 How I Finish My Tables
16:48 Delivery Day

Need one on one help from me?

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Items used in this video:
C-channels: use code “blacktailstudio” for 15% off
Angle grinder:
Aggressive wire wheel:
Festool Track Saw:
Liquid glass epoxy (deep/slow):
Table top epoxy (touch-ups/fast):
CA glue:
Kutzall ball nose burr:
Mold caulk:
Mold release:
Black dye:
Paddle mixer (small):
Mafell track saw:
Threaded inserts (amazon alternative):
Festool Router:
Roundover bit:
Cheaper router alternative:
Carbide scraper:
Light stick:
Mesh sandpaper:
Table finish:
Raw wood cleaner:
Gem buffer:
Photography light (similar):
White buffing pads:
Maroon pads:
Furniture bolts:

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